MAKING THE MEDICINE with Laura Rose Gage & Conner Kees

Ep.02 - On the Nature of Qi and Source Qi

April 25, 2020

Qi is to electromagnetism as steam is to water.” – Eileen McKusick, Founder of Biofield Tuning

Eileen McKusick states that what we call “subtle energy” in the West, is “really a form of diffuse magnetism” or “a diffuse magnetic fluid”. (I would add to that – superfluid.)

How fitting, the ancient pictograph for qi,…


…which represents the “steam that rises and falls from a cooking pot of rice.”

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This podcast is about meditation, self-cultivation and Daoist alchemy, with discussions relevant to quantum biology and biophysics as well as Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and intentional or energy healing (Reiki, etc.).

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Additional show notes for this episode:

Animism and Vitalism

Michelson-Morley experiment


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