MAKING THE MEDICINE with Laura Rose Gage & Conner Kees

Ep.07 - Jingshen and Biogenesis

May 22, 2020

Let’s jump right to 40,000 feet.

As discussed in the blog (particularly here), the phenomenon of life can be thought of as some sort of macro-scale, structured-water, quantum-information-organizing symphony of light, sound, and electromagnetism. It utilizes the natural crystalline properties of water to extract energy from the ether (“quantum vacuum fluctuations”) in order to live and to adapt.

In fact, it even begs the question: Which comes first? What we call “life”, or these apparent properties built into the physical structure of water at the molecular level? And for that matter, why stop there? After all, the whole thing is working together. As Nassim Haramein often says, “the whole thing is talking.”

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Making The Medicine Podcast is about meditation, self-cultivation and Daoist alchemy, with discussions relevant to quantum biology and biophysics as well as Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and intentional or energy healing (Reiki, etc.).

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