MAKING THE MEDICINE with Laura Rose Gage & Conner Kees

Ep.09 - Biophotonics and Shen, Pt. 1

October 28, 2020

In Chinese Medicine, the term shen is used to refer to what is most often translated as spirit. In Chinese culture, this term, shen, can refer to deities or spiritual beings but also to the light of the stars. In it’s universalized form, it may be more akin to what we might think of as the Holy Spirit in the West. Setting aside the extent to which that may or may not be true in the context of Chinese culture and metaphysics, I’d like for you to keep that comparison in mind.

Dr. Edward Neal and other acupuncturist scholars sometimes refer to the shen as a “template of light”, which informs and organizes all things into harmonious and coherent patterns of expression. Again and again, in this field of study, we are faced with various synonyms which seem to point at the same, ultimate reality, which supervenes upon what we think of as this material world of form and is, in fact, the source from which it springs.

For the full transcript, visit The blog post can be found here - Biophotonics and Shen, Pt. 1.

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