MAKING THE MEDICINE with Laura Rose Gage & Conner Kees

Ep.08 - Intentional Healing as Music

June 5, 2020

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What models do we think with when we approach the subject of intention? What’s the grammar and the syntax of this kind of work? Does it even matter?

In this episode, you’re going to presented with some food for thought – in the form of an intentional, musical theory of reality. I’m not necessarily positing that these ideas are true, merely that they may be helpful to think with.

Let’s try the (New) age-old energywork exercise: with your intention, form an “energy ball” between your hands – or even simply between two fingers. Expand it. Compress it. Move it. Play with it. What does it feel like to you? And even more importantly, what in the world are you doing? ...


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Geesink and Meijer's Research on Generalized Music Theory

Making The Medicine Podcast is about meditation, self-cultivation and Daoist alchemy, with discussions relevant to quantum biology and biophysics as well as Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and intentional or energy healing (Reiki, etc.).

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